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Bad Habits That Could Be Ruining Your Dental Braces!

September 21, 20210

Are you also Wearing braces? And don’t know about the things which you need to avoid. Then you will need to see a Pediatric dentist near me who will guide you better to avoid the things which are not good while wearing braces Hollywood fl.

Given below are some of the bad habits of people who are wearing braces and facing an issue on this. Then the nearest orthodontist has brought these points to avoid.

7 things you should need to Avoid!

  1. Using the Teeth as Tools – The brackets on the Miami brace can be damaged if you try to remove a tag or open a bag of chips with your chompers. Your teeth can also be chipped because of this and can be forced to shift out of the right alignment which is the entire motive of using the appliance. So it is advisable to go for scissors instead.


  1. Eating Ice – Having ice after a cold drink can be quite tempting especially on a scorching day but that can result in terrible consequences. Ice being hard and cold can wreak havoc on both your teeth as well as your orthodontic care The brackets and wires can be damaged as a result of that and it can make the teeth pain at the time of drinking and eating.


  1. Nail Biting – Biting the nails is another habit that you should shun once you are trying to align your teeth. In between the teeth and brackets, bits of nails that have broken in the act can remain lodged. Moreover, the process of nail-biting can exert pressure on the wires and brackets that are sufficient to snap them. You should keep the nails painted and short to discourage this habit.


  1. Chewing on Non-edible Items – Chewing on pencils, pens, straws and other random objects is common practice in schools and offices that most people are guilty of. But the brackets can chip, shift or break if you keep chewing on the non-edible objects. The clear braces Miami fl are not tools that can bear constant pressure and so you should limit your chewing to just your meals and snacks.


  1. Sucking the Thumb – Thumb sucking can start at an early age and continue till adolescence that can result in the misalignment of the teeth. This makes these orthodontic tools mandatory for many. Braces get less effective if users continue sucking thumbs even after opting for them. You can wrap the thumbs in cloth or cover the thumbs with bitter-tasting liquids to avoid this.


  1. Not Wearing Mouthguards – It is vital to wear a mouthguard if you are participating in contact sports. This is because your mouth can be hit by a hard object which can result in damaging the appliance apart from harming your tongue, smile, and cheeks. So whenever you are active don’t forget to wear mouthguards.


  1. Having Sticky Foods – Once you have teeth braces near me this is the most vital habit to get rid of. The sticky foods are responsible for breaking the brackets as well as bending the wires. These foods can also enhance the chance of cavities by sticking to the appliance. So stay away from foods like caramel, gums, candies, taffy, and other items.

Hence, for a clear and better understanding, you must visit an orthodontist near me for braces.