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Celebrity Cruises, Your Most Wonderful Vacations.

October 1, 20200

Why Take a Celebrity Cruise Vacation? Well, with all the cruise lines available, all the cruise destinations,and the range of prices, there are cruises to please every traveller, no matter how jaded.

In our fast-paced society, it’s an very cost-effective and time-efficient way to take a holiday. Think about the time involved in driving yourself to many different destinations, packing and unpacking at every hotel, and trying to find restaurants and personal services. On a cruise you don’t drive anywhere for 7, 10, 14 days or even more. Even if you were on a bus tour with someone else doing the driving , you haul around your suitcases and repack it all at each new destination. On a cruise, you check your luggage when you check in and it automatically appears in your cabin, stateroom, or suite. You’re at home and don’t have to pack for the duration of the cruise. And the food is legendary!

Each ship has many restuarants staffed by world-class chefs, and the cost of the food is included in the cost of the cruise. At every port, guided tours are available so you won’t miss any of the local attractions. You won’t have to mind your children constantly, either. Supervised activities like water skiing are available to keep them occupied. And at the end of your holidy staff will retrieve your luggage and place it on shore at the intended pick-up point. Taking a cruise vacation frees you from so many of the worries associated with traveling, and leaves you with even more time to relax and enjoy your destination.

Celebrity Cruise Lines offers the most competitive deals in the travel industry. Conde Nast Traveler consistently rates Celebrity Cruises as one of the world’s best cruise ship lines. Services include informative lectures about your location, upscale boutiques, and Las Vegas style entertainment created for Celebrity by Cirque du Soleil. Try your luck in the Casino or even collect fine art at an onboad auction. Enjoy exotic nightlife at The Bar At The Edge of the Earth.

There’s an overdose of pampering awaiting you at the world-famous Aqua-Spa by Elemis. Try a deluxe manicure, a luxurious facial or even a relaxing massage. Celebrity offers acupuncture by a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese medicine as well. You’ll feel renewed and invigorated.

But Celebrity isn’t just for the grown-ups. Kids feel right at home on these cruises. The Celebrity X-Club Youth Program has age-specific activities and entertainment for each age group. Science and nature exploration, talent shows, treasure hunts, children’s dinner parties, slumber parties and a lot more are all arranged by professional staff. Favorite areas of the ship are set aside for the younger seafaring set only, like the Shipmates Fun Factory, teen center and pools. When the ship is docked, adults have the option of going on cultural tours by themselves without bored children tagging along. And the children can enjoy vigorous, noisy activities without wearing out the parents. What a relief for both generations!

Age or disability do not hamper cruising. Ships are designed for mobility-impaired passengers, and staff is always ready to help with passengers’ medical needs. Celebrity Cruise Lines accommodates those who want dialysis or supplemental oxygen, and more medical services can be arranged if requested beforehand. Emergency care is always available on board, saving you the trouble of finding a doctor who speaks your language in a foreign country.

Dinner is a vital event in itself on a cruise ship, a tradition dating back to the late 1800’s when cruises were for royalty and the wealthy who expected elegant formal dinners. Again, in today’s lifestyle the elegant dinner is optional, and for those who like to dine casually, food is available around the clock from cafeterias and room service . All the same, for those who like a ritzy event where they can show off their best attire and jewelry, there are optional formal dinners where ladies put on long formal evening dresses and gentlemen have on tuxedos.

And don’t forget the cruise destination itself! Celebrity Cruises dock at a different port of call every few days, depending upon distances and sailing time between points of interest. You are able to stay aboard the ship all day or go ashore. You are free to investigate each destination on your itinerary as long as you return to the ship in time for departure.

Optional activities are offered for a slight extra cost, and Celebrity offers adventures geared toward the unique features of every destination. As an illustration, Caribbean cruises offer snorkeling, diving or even beach excursions while Alaskan cruises offer helicopter tours or even sea kayaking. For the less adventuresome, normally there are bus tours or supervised shopping excursions in the local port. Each and every detail, including meals, is prearranged. All you have to do is line up at the correct spot onshore and an let anexperienced tour guide look after everything else.

With all these unique and wonderful services available at such a reasonable price, why not think about a Celebrity Cruise for your next vacation?