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How Do Braces Fix Missing Teeth, Underbite, And Overbite Issues?

January 4, 20230

Braces are the first and the best option to treat many orthodontic issues. But your orthodontist can suggest several different types of treatment if you have oral alignment issues. The common problems that many people suffer from are overbite severity, underbite, and missing teeth issues.

Braces are attached around your back teeth with a wire with brackets on each tooth to align them. These brackets pull your teeth tight and allowing to align them in proper healthy alignment. Many other options can help you align your teeth. Still, you have a deep severe misalignment. In that case, your dentist will recommend achieving the best results from braces with missing teeth. Traditional braces are the most common solution to improve misalignment.

Here is all explained how braces can help you treat the misalignment.

Missing teeth

Missing teeth can happen in many situations, and this situation can cause many oral issues. The space created with the missing teeth can be filled with the adjacent teeth and develop oral problems.

Orthodontic treatment options can help you fix these issues that may have arisen due to missing teeth. You can consult Miami beach orthodontics for a consultation and improve your missing teeth issues with braces. Your dentist may consider your braces as an option.

In many cases where one or more teeth are missing, orthodontics can close the spaces that your teeth have left. If the tooth needs a replacement, then braces are an excellent option to leave room for future restoration.


An underbite is when the front teeth overlap the bottom teeth. Braces can help you treat the underbite issue. Wearing braces procedure is quicker and allows teeth to align, and the process is the same. The dentist will braces around the teeth tightly attached to the back teeth.

The dentist will take your tooth impressions and X-rays to look for any other issues and develop a treatment plan for your teeth situation.

If your teeth can be fixed with underbite braces, your dentist will install braces. The dentist will place the brackets to the front of each tooth and an archwire attached to the brackets with rubber bands. The archwire will provide pressure and continues to push teeth to align them.


For overbites traditional braces are a perfect option to correct severe overbites and overjets.

Braces can correct if someone has crowded or crooked teeth or a misaligned jaw.

These braces are connected to each tooth with a wire made of metal or ceramic.

They help aligns and straighten crooked teeth or overbite issues. They help shift the teeth back to their original place and align the jaw, and they are worn for 3 years to adjust the teeth to come back in their position.

You can ask your dentist for overbite before and after braces pictures to ensure that the dentist is experienced and knowledgeable.

In Conclsuion:

Braces are the best option to correct all types of misalignment. During this procedure, the dentist will call you for the adjustment and tighten your braces as needed, usually in a month. Contact and visit your braces dentist near me for more details.