Wednesday, March 29, 2023


Influences in Social and Personality Development

October 9, 20200

Influences affect our life in one way or another. For this reason, we must all define how influences affect us in order to develop our personality and social skills. Our personality and social skills are also affected by characteristics of other people. For instance, think of how you would respond to an elderly man compared to a younger female. Think about one of your own experiences and examine your behaviors, feelings and thoughts closely. You will notice the change in your behavior, as well as your feelings and thoughts. Think of the ways you approached the person and how you interacted with that person compared to the older person.

Once you are finished you will see that the way we think, feel and behave is often a reaction to influences characteristics, behaviors and so on. As humans, we are affected by beauty, ugliness, age, sex, physical appearances, skin shades and so forth. In fact, the influences that affect us could be simple, such as what that person is wearing or how that person styles his or her hair. This is the strength of individual characteristic influences and how strongly they affect our thinking, feelings and behaviors.

Sounds, voices and other traits also affect how we think, feel and behave. Even a person’s first or last name could affect our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. For this reason, we must examine the science and social causes of human behaviors in order to enhance our social and personality growth process.

Since, all actions and words of other people affect our life it is important that we stay on the scientific/social level. In some instances, however people tend to exaggerate, so we must also consider unrealistic patterns of behaviors that affect our process of developing the personality and social skills. Appearances also play a part in this production.

Because of all the affects of social encounters and the roles, they play in social and personality development it is difficult for people to keep the prime essentials of self-development in mind. This prime essential element of self-growth involves natural interactions. Thus, the key to growing stronger and healthy while progressing, our social skills and personality, is to keep in on a natural flow.

When you keep it natural, your developmental skills will fall in order. You will work less while developing your personality and social skills at the same time.

Keep in mind that on-going learning is essential for social and personality development. The brain alone is your most valuable asset. Your brain enables you to accomplish developing many abilities and skills, which also processes tons of information daily. One of the major problems however is that because someone thinks that some tasks are difficult for them to manage, they often fall into the negative thinking pattern that they cannot accomplish the task. This only causes them to lose belief in self.

We all have skilled abilities and undeveloped skills. For instance, actors are skilled at mastery lines to produce a good movie, but they may not be skilled at mastering math. Einstein is another good example. He was an excellent problem solver, yet he lacked math skills. For this reason, may people think that if they lack skills they have a disability, yet it could simply be that this person learns in a different way? One of the best things all of us to do is to identify our own personal gifts.

By identifying the gifts we all have we can expand our knowledge and work easier through the social and personality development phase. Go online today to learn more about expanding your social skills and personality.