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What Are At-Home Teeth Whitening Products?

January 4, 20230

To help with pale discolored teeth, you can use over-the-counter (OTC) whitening solutions. Unlike the ones that teeth whitening miami fl dentists use, these products contain significantly less carbamide peroxide than those used. It means that OTC teeth whiteners may perform less well or may take longer to whiten your teeth if they are severely stained.

The American Dental Association has granted its Seal of Acceptance to some OTC goods. This seal isn’t on every product, and some without it are still safe to use, but it’s there to give you extra assurance that whatever you’re purchasing and using is secure.

Whitening strips

There are also over-the-counter strips available for tooth whitening, and these contain a smaller amount of hydrogen peroxide than professional preparations. You apply them once or twice daily on your teeth for the period recommended by the manufacturer.

Whitening toothpaste

Bleaching toothpaste does not contain carbamide peroxide. Instead, these toothpaste target the surface of your teeth with various chemicals, including abrasives and the chemical blue covering. While whitening toothpaste may take time, those containing blue covering may begin to do so after only one brush because the chemical makes your teeth appear whiter.

What is professional teeth whitening?

Using various methods, your bay harbor islands orthodontist can whiten your teeth at home or in the office. To whiten your teeth, they typically utilize carbamide peroxide. It breaks down into urea and hydrogen peroxide, which interact chemically to attack the tooth’s color. They believe it’s a safe way to whiten teeth.

In-office treatment

In-office teeth whitening procedures have the advantage of working swiftly. Additionally, the bleaching effect can last longer. Often, miami beach teeth whitening only needs one session or takes an hour to complete. It is a result of the applied products having a larger hydrogen peroxide content than the ones you use at home.

Dentists recommend dental office visits if you have Abfraction lesions or receding gums. To expedite the procedure, your miami shores orthodontics specialist might additionally apply light while using a teeth-whitening product, but this different approach has only sometimes been successful.

What are the other considerations and side effects?

Although teeth whitening is generally regarded as safe, several adverse effects may occur:

Sensitive teeth.

After teeth whitening, your teeth could become more sensitive, and it could happen during your first or second treatment and might improve with time. Your dental specialist can recommend using potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride gel-containing whitening products to treat sensitivity.

Gum irritation.

Also possible is gingival irritability. Your gums become inflamed at this point, possibly due to the whitening product touching your gums. After your treatments, these complications and side effects will disappear.

Keep in mind that the tooth whitening procedure is not a permanent solution. Both external and intrinsic discoloration necessitate periodic whitening procedures. Remember that these products are for natural teeth as well. If you have implants, crowns, bridges, or dentures, you should discuss how to match the color of your teeth with your dentist.


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