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What Are Professional Teeth Whitening Methods?

February 14, 20230

Carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide are the two main teeth-whitening products. Unlike teeth-whitening toothpaste that uses an abrasive substance to mechanically remove surface-level spots and stains, the oxygen molecules present in these whitening agents weaken the colors of your tooth on a molecular level. Many over-the-counter teeth whitening kits, whitening strips, and pens also utilize a form of peroxide. The distinction between them and professional teeth whitening is the chemical concentration.

Since they can isolate the teeth in the office, an emergency orthodontist near me employ a very high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. A particular rubber dam protects the patient’s gums from peroxide burns. Many professional teeth whitening techniques are available with whitening products for at-home usage. Professional teeth whitening near me is a quicker, albeit more expensive, technique to get brilliant whites. On the other hand, customized take-home trays are more expensive and require longer curing than store-bought whiteners.

In-office teeth whitening

Depending on your unique requirements, dentists often perform professional in-office teeth whitening procedures throughout numerous quick appointments. Whitening agents are used for intervals of 15 to 30 minutes throughout the entire treatment, which should take an hour and a half. There are numerous options for in-office teeth whitening services:

  • Dentists for teeth whitening near me administered high-concentration hydrogen peroxide gel using a needle.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is combined with a strong light source, like an LED, UV, or halogen. The light is produced by a lamp or laser placed directly outside your mouth.

According to a study, laser and halogen light enhanced tooth brightness more than hydrogen peroxide alone. After three weeks, participants in the study’s halogen and laser light groups still had their teeth’s original shade of white. After two weeks, the non-light group saw “shade rebound”—their initially brightened teeth turned darker.

What’s the difference between professional teeth whining and custom take-home trays?

Both treatments are effective under the supervision of teeth whitening Houston dentist; however, there are a few differences between them.


In-office whitening procedures are often finished in one or two appointments, depending on the severity of your stains. How many shades whiter can your teeth become in your dentist’s view? At most, 60 to 90 minutes should elapse between sessions. You must wear your custom take-home trays for up to a month for several hours each day. Using a custom-fit tray for touch-ups even after in-office whitening may be suggested by your dentist for the best results.


No tooth whitening treatment can last forever, but people do everything possible to maintain the shine of their teeth for months and years. An emergency orthodontic specialist recommends continuing a strict oral care routine, avoiding bright-colored foods, red wine, coffee, and soda using over-the-counter touch-up products. There’s yet to be a definite answer regarding which treatment is more effective and will last longer. However, frequency is essential with custom trays. You can use at-home trays and kits for up to 3 to 5 years, whereas an in-office visit may finish in one or two sittings.


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