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What Are the Best Tips on How To Prepare For Selective Schools Test?

March 22, 20230

Selective school tests are a big headache, and you may need help figuring out where to start. But with NSW practice tests, you can gear yourself and learn about the structure of the practice test and the other ways you can adapt new strategies to improve your ability in each section. 

So, if you are preparing for the selective test, start early to give yourself plenty of time to prepare. You should begin studying at least one to two months in advance to know the format and become aware of the test’s structure and content, as each selective school will have a different format. You need to take practice tests to get used to the type of questions asked and the time limits for each section. 

This article will give you the most effective tips for getting your best scores on selective school tests

  • Cut Out the Wrong Answers:

Test-taking requires a specific strategy and mindset to be successful. The most important rule to remember is that there is only one correct answer for each question, and you know that well. This means that your best approach to the test is to use the process of elimination. 

If you are stuck on a question, try to find reasons to head over the answers. Being picky when eliminating answers is essential, as all choices will have incorrect reasons. This way, you can get to the correct answer.

  • Understand Your Mistakes:

After you answer each question, you must review it and see why you made a mistake and what you will do to dodge it in the future. Doing this will help you see improvements in your score, and taking the time to understand your mistakes will ensure you get a good test score.

This is essential if you want to see progress. If you take the time to understand each mistake you make on practice questions, why you made it, and what you will do to avoid it, you are guaranteed a good test score. This will help you get positive changes in your score.

  • Re-Solve Questions You Missed Before:

Try to resolve the questions you have missed performing before. The best way to ensure that you have solved each question and understand how to solve questions you initially messed up is in the Math section. It is one thing to read the answer explanation and say, ‘oh, of course, that is how you solve it.’ Still, it is an entirely different matter to work out the problem yourself. 

When you solve them, the process sticks in your mind much better if you go through them instead of just reading. 


“Practice makes a man perfect.” Yes, practicing a lot can make you perfect for solving NSW Selective High School Test. Still, because the selective school test is one of those tests, the best preparation is the test itself. 

In Conclusion:

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