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What Can Happen If Tmj Disorder Is Left Untreated?

April 6, 20230

TMJ, or temporomandibular joints, is a disorder that occurs in the jaw and can cause problems. Leaving it untreated for a long time can cause more severe symptoms of TMJ. You should visit your doctor or a specialist to diagnose TMJ disorder. Treating the pain is necessary. Your dentist near me will tell you the origin of the pain and a treatment plan to prevent it from increasing.

In some cases, the signs of TMJ disorders may go away without diagnosis or tmj treatment near me. But if your TMJ symptoms do not go away, you need to talk to a doctor about it, and your doctor may suggest various treatment options. Let’s see some of the effects of untreated TMJ disorder.

Regular Jaw Pain

The first symptom of TMJ is you will experience jaw pain that often comes and goes. The pain can be the reason because by stress or even chewing anything hard.

If tmj disorder treatment is not done over time, the damage to the temporomandibular joint develops more, resulting in chronic pain. You may also have other symptoms like snapping, popping, and locking of the jaw. This pain, over time, may move further to your joints, with pain, discomfort, and inflammation all over your face, neck, and shoulders. The pain can worsen with time, and if the joints are damaged, you may need surgical treatment to relieve pain and discomfort. You need to visit a tmd specialist for a proactive approach to TMJ pain to prevent permanent joint damage or dislocation of the jaw.


Headaches, including tension headaches and migraines, are frequently caused by TMJ disorders. One of the most prevalent signs of TMJ concerns is headaches. Because the dysfunction in the joint causes these headaches, they have the potential to be chronic; as soon as the effects of your painkillers wear off, you will again have that severe headache because the underlying problem is still not cured. This can sometimes make you miss significant life events like school and your job.

Deficiency in Oral Health

Untreated TMJ pain is related to teeth grinding and clenching, which can wear down your tooth enamel and cause your teeth to be more breakable. Also, TMJ problems can result in abnormal tooth wear because one side of the jaw is preferred.

Favoring one side of the jaw can result in asymmetrical muscle growth and unequal facial edoema.

Hearing Issues

As a result of the temporomandibular joints’ proximity to the ear canals, patients frequently complain of ear complaints. If you get unexplainable symptoms of fullness in your ears, it can be caused by your TMJ issue. Tinnitus, or continuous ringing in the ears, can result from untreated TMJ and interfere with sleep and concentration. Our body’s sense of balance is located in the inner ear. Also, TMJ disorder-related inflammation can cause dizziness, instability, and discomfort.

In Conclusion:

Once you visit your dentist near me Houston tx, they will discuss your symptoms, or the doctor will diagnose your jaw. After diagnosing the cause of the TMJ pain, your doctor will suggest a treatment plan. Visit and schedule an appointment now!