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What is Root Canal and Its Symptoms?

April 4, 20230

Root Canal treatment is a part of dental therapy that requires when bacteria enter the mouth and develop an infection. A Root Canal Dentist in North Miami must remove the inflamed pulp in the root canal process. Later, the oral doctor cleans the disinfectant area and fills any voids or irregular spaces between the walls of the canals through chemical substances used to seal the void space.

What are the common symptoms of the Root Canals?

Some people get to know that their teeth are getting infected gradually. In contrast, others know about root canal disorders by noticing specific symptoms. Some signs that give you hints you need root canal therapy are as follows:-

Continuous Tooth Pain

Many dental problems happen because of consistent tooth pain. You may need root canal therapy or other dental treatment if you are dealing with severe tooth pain. Despite taking painkillers on your own, consult with an orthodontist immediately. Discomfort may also affect your surrounding areas, such as your jawbone, face, or other teeth.

Sensation Over Heat and Cold

If your tooth hurts while eating ice cream or drinking hot coffee, it is a sign that you may need root canal treatment. This is damn true when the pain lasts more than a few seconds, and you must consult the Best Root Canal Dentist.

Swollen Gums

Pus starts getting collected in the specific area when it develops an infection in the mouth which can cause swollen and puffy gums.

Chipped or Cracked Tooth

If your tooth gets cracked or chipped during an accident or while playing any sports game, or facing difficulty eating hard food like non-veg or something else. It is a sign that bacteria reaches into the tooth pulp.

Tooth Discoloration

When the tooth starts getting infected through pus, it may change your tooth color as it gets darker. This happens because of poor blood supply to the tooth.

Swollen Gums

You may notice your gums start swelling near the painful tooth as it indicates that you may require root canal therapy. Swelling must be retained only briefly, as it may come and go. You feel the swollen gums when you touch the root canal.

How Much Does it Cost For Root Canal Therapy?

The cost of root canal therapy depends on your treatment type and how severe your condition is. Following are the treatment types of root canals:-

  • Posterior Root Canal Therapy
  • Anterior Root Canal Therapy
  • Single Sitting Root Canal Therapy
  • Re-RCT


After the root canal treatment, if you wear Same Day Dental Crowns, your infected area will recover soon. The treatment cost of root canal therapy may vary depending on the city.

In Conclusion

You might be scared of severe tooth pain or swollen gums as it causes several other dental problems if you observe that your teeth are getting infected or abscessed slowly. Call Sunny Isles Dentist and make an appointment immediately. The prompt treatment protects you from spreading infection in the surrounding areas and returns you to your everyday life.