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Why Do You Need To Remove Wisdom Teeth?

February 20, 20230

Wisdom teeth are the last back molars of your teeth; not everyone needs them to be removed. If they cause pain or discomfort, or not developed completely, then you may need to remove them. Some people don’t have enough room for wisdom teeth to develop fully, which can cause a problem.

Healthy wisdom teeth can help you chew food quickly and correctly. You may not need to remove them. If the teeth have grown in the proper shape and angle, they are healthy; if the teeth grow at another angle than 90 degrees, then you may have to remove them to avoid pain and discomfort. Visit your Dentist in Houston every 6 months to maintain your oral health.

Reasons you need to remove them:

If your wisdom teeth are not grown fully and adequately, you may need to remove them. Here are the following:

  • If the teeth remain completely hidden within the gums or emerged partially, it can cause pain in your jaw. Sometimes this may also result in an infection or cause a cyst that can injure other teeth roots or bone support.
  • Unhealthy wisdom teeth.
  • If your wisdom teeth don’t have enough room to erupt correctly, you may have crowded teeth issues, which can cause other oral problems.


Because of these problems, some Dental Clinic Houston Heights recommend extracting the tooth early. So they may not cause any further issues. You will recover soon after the extraction and eliminate other oral problems.

If your dentist sees any problem like gum disease or infection, your dentist may recommend you remove the wisdom teeth. Talk to your oral surgeon about the position and health of your wisdom teeth. Your Houston City Centre Dentist will give the best suggestion.

Is it Necessary To Remove Wisdom Teeth?

When wisdom teeth erupt, they can come out at different angles, sometimes horizontally, which can cause severe issues, including:

  • Getting impacted while remaining concealed inside the jaw. Pathologies, including cysts and tumors, can occasionally be brought on by impacted wisdom teeth.
  • Only partially coming through the gums, allowing bacteria a pathway. A partially emerging wisdom tooth causes bacteria to thrive, increasing the risk of gum disease or infection because wisdom teeth are difficult to clean regularly.
  • Adjacent teeth are crowded. If wisdom teeth don’t have enough room when they grow within the gums, they may crowd or harm the adjacent teeth.
  • Wisdom teeth are at the back and cannot be appropriately cleaned, and this can cause cavities that cannot be restored.

So that is why Dental Office in Katy Tx recommends extracting your wisdom teeth to eliminate oral issues.

When Should Wisdom Tooth Be Removed?

A Katy Dentist typically recommends extracting wisdom teeth in the late teens. During this time, the teeth can be removed easily, and it is easy to operate on and recover from teeth extraction.

This is because roots still need to be fully developed. Many individuals remove their wisdom teeth as a preventive measure to maintain their oral health.

In Conclusion:

You should visit an oral surgeon as soon as you feel the pain in your back molars and see changes in your teeth or any symptoms like pain, repeated infection, gum disease, or tooth decay. Talk to your Dental Clinic in Katy and get the best solution. Book an appointment now!