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Find more value for your money at sports nutrition depot

October 9, 20200

Let’s face it. Sports nutritional supplements nowadays are as many as the number of athletes themselves. And these do not include new products in their early stages of manufacture, or marketing.

But is this bad? On the contrary, this can be a blessing. To appreciate this fact, all we have to do is remember that in a free market, products are competing against each other, forcing the manufacturers to lower the prices, i.e., to be more competitive. This market, in practical terms, is the place where you can find the sports nutrition of your choice. For the athletes, this market is the sports nutrition depot.

Ok, so you want to go shopping for your sports supplement. But of course you want to be prepared on what to expect with a certain depot. What should you be looking for in this depot?

Carbohydrate specific products

Enough servings of carbohydrates before or during exercise r competition, be it in solid or liquid form, will help you in during intense physical regimen. Carbohydrates can also maintain blood glucose levels and increase muscle glycogen, during intense exercise. Sports nutrition experts suggest that athletes should consume up to 350 ml of a sports drink containing carbohydrate every 20 minutes during exercise.

With solid carbs, the National Association of Sports Nutrition (NASN) suggests that athletes engaged in regular physical activities should consume up to 10 gm of carbohydrate/kg in a day. Typical American diet supplies about 5 gm of carbohydrate/kg in a day, so this will give you an idea how much do you need for consumption. But during exercise, it is suggested that athletes consume from 30 to 60 gm of carbohydrate every hour to improve performance. Sports nutrition depot displays almost all known carbo products in the fitness world.

Protein for your exercise recovery

Speed recovery is important to your regular exercise regimen. Nutritional supplement with high quality protein is will aid muscle growth and repair. Protein works with carbohydrate by producing enzymes to help carbohydrates maintain energy levels. Sports nutrition depot abounds with protein enforced products.

Vitamin C for immune improvement

We all know that vitamin C assists us in fighting disease. Current research also points to the role f vitamin C in restoring t-cell damage resulting from physical activities, and even during extreme emotional stress. But the problem is that several thousands of milligrams of vitamin is are needed to restore t-cell function. This automatically rules out the dependence on the vitamin C available at ordinary medicine stores.

Sports nutritionist also suggests that vitamin C should be consumed together with other micronutrients, such as vitamin E, and Glutathione. If taken together, the three micronutrients will help strengthen each other’s properties. Wide array of vitamin C and other micronutrients can be found in sports nutrition depot.

Bee Honey for sustained exercise regimen

Ever wonder why the bees seem to be tireless? Studies after studies prove that taking honey before and during exercise or any competitive activity improves performance. Among weight disciplined athletes, only bee honey was proved capable of maintaining blood sugar in consistent levels, even two hours after a heavy exercise. Honey is also unique in sustaining restoration of muscle energy, after the exercise. So don’t be surprised to find bee honey products inside the sports nutrition depot.

Glutamine for performance recovery

If somehow you’ve heard about glutamine before, the reason is inside your body. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in your body. Your skeletal muscle and plasma contains the most concentrated supply of glutamine. Glutamine is important in the transfer of nitrogen between the internal organs. It also plays an important role in detoxifying ammonia.

The discovery of the role of Glutamine is a recent one. But for more than a decade before this discovery or confirmation form medical research, sports scientists have known that this amino acid increases muscle recovery. Glutamine products are also available in sports nutrition depot.

But before you troop to the nearest sports nutrition depot in your place and buy everything that you need, be aware that dosages differ in everyone. The rule of thumb is that dosage is different with everyone. The dosage that works for you should be validated with inputs from your trainer or sports nutrition adviser.