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Is Teeth Whitening Procedure Safe For Tooth Enamel?

November 22, 20220

The answer is No. Although there could occasionally be adverse effects, Miami beach teeth whitening procedures are safe for tooth enamel. In essence, the tooth will become dried out during the teeth-whitening process. The whitening product’s active ingredient will penetrate the enamel and reach the dentin, the second layer of the tooth. The substance starts to reverse discoloration or stains, whitening that second layer.

After teeth whitening Miami fl, human saliva automatically rehydrates the tooth. Avoiding meals and beverages that cause stains while the tooth rehydrates is crucial when utilizing whitening treatments. Although the layers or integrity of the tooth are not harmed during this treatment, there is occasionally a chance of short-term dental sensitivity.

Is temporary sensitivity normal after teeth whitening?

Using whitening products can cause transient irritation in some gums or teeth. Although it can be painful, it does not indicate long-term damage. Consider pausing your bleaching regimen or switching to a softer product if it occurs. Once more, see your best pediatric dentist in Miami for the best guidance.

How can we use teeth whitening products safely?

Look for the ADA seal.

The ADA stamp of approval guarantees that the product has undergone safety and efficacy testing.

Follow instructions

Remember that some products must be used more frequently or for extended periods than others, so it is important to always abide by the instructions that come with the product.

Speak to your dentist

Talk to the best orthodontics near me to find out if your teeth are healthy and prepared to begin a whitening treatment. Speak with your dentist. You should refrain from teeth whitening if you have dental disorders or active decay. Additionally, some stains respond favorably to whitening while others don’t. Exterior yellow/brown colors from coffee and tea respond well to whitening procedures.

What goes into the Teeth Whitening procedure?

You’ll need to attend the dental office for two to three appointments before whitening your teeth. The dentist will manufacture a mouthguard using an impression of your teeth and instruct you on how to use it in conjunction with a bleaching gel. The gel is then routinely applied for a predetermined amount over a few weeks while using your mouthguard at home.

The treatment time may be shortened by using whitening gels that can be applied for up to 8 hours at a time. Another form of teeth whitening method that a dentist might offer is laser whitening, sometimes referred to as power whitening. They’ll cover your teeth with a bleaching substance activated by light or laser after exposure. An hour is required for laser whitening.

What are the risk factors of home kits’ teeth whitening products?

Some home whitening kits need more whitening products to work. Additionally, suppose a dentist isn’t performing the bleaching. In that case, the mouthguard may not fit properly, and part of the bleaching gel may fall out into your mouth on your gums, resulting in blistering and sensitivity.


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