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What Are The Reason For Back Pain And Who Can Get Back Pain?

November 22, 20220

Back pain is a common medical problem, mainly in aged people. The pain can sometimes be dull, persistent ache to sudden or sharp pain. And mostly, it comes on suddenly from an accident, a fall, or lifting a heavy object, or it can develop slowly because of age-related changes to the spine. In some cases, inflammatory disorders or other medical conditions cause back pain.

The treatment option may differ with the pain depending on the cause and symptoms. Many improved and new technology treatment options can help you with your back pain issues, and you can treat back pain to improve your health and lower the chance of developing chronic diseases or long-lasting back pain. You should consult your back doctor NJ in case you have a sharp back ache that is not going.

Back damage can result from strain, medical conditions, and poor posture. Some other causes can be medical conditions that can lead to back pain, infection of the spine, or Sleep disorders. These can also sometimes cause back pain issues. Back pain issues with any of these details can lead to back discomfort. In some cases of back pain, its leading cause remains unclear.

The main symptom of back pain is a pain in the back leading down straight to the buttocks or legs. Some back issues cause pain in other body parts, depending on the nerves impacted.

Who Gets Back Pain?

Back pain is normal, and anybody can acquire back pain issues; several issues cause back pain, whether a bad sitting posture or a sudden strain.

Several factors can increase the risk of back pain. Some factors that can increase the chance of developing back pain are:

Fitness level:

If you are not physically fit, back pain can attack you quickly; a non-flexible body has more risk of adapting back pain. A sudden stretch in the body can also cause significant back pain issues. A weak back and stomach muscles do not support the spine properly and cause pain in the spine. Physically being inactive and not doing exercises can cause back pain. Talk to your back pain doctor Paramus for more information.

Weight gain:

Weight gain can also be a significant issue for back pain; you need to change your lifestyle and diet to stay healthy and have a steady weight. Heavy weight can cause stress in the back.

Job-related risk factors:

Sitting for hours in jobs can cause back pain issues. Some positions include heavy lifting, pushing, pulling, or twisting, sometimes injuring the back.


Back pain becomes more common, especially after the age of 45.


Genetics plays a role in some diseases that cause back pain.

Types of Back Pain:

The back pain center explains the sorts of back pain in the following ways:

  • Acute back pain happens suddenly and usually lasts a few days to a few weeks.
  • Subacute back pain suddenly occurs over time and lasts 4 to 12 weeks.
  • Chronic back pain can come quickly or slowly and last upto 12 weeks.

How Can I reduce the risk of a back injury?

By maintaining a healthy weight, you can keep your body healthy and disease free. Extra weight puts stress on vertebrae and disks that can cause back pain issues. Regular exercise strengthens your abdominal and core muscles that support the spine.

Make sure when you lift something, lift it in the right way. Lift with your legs and not with your legs to avoid back injuries.


Stay healthy and exercise regularly to keep your body fit and strong. Consult your back pain specialists in new jersey in case you have significant back pain issues. Seeing a back pain treatment center is always better when you have problems that can’t be controlled.