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What Type of Doctor Will Treat My Vein Disease?

December 13, 20210

When people are suffering from different vein diseases. What they usually search for is the vein doctor or in how many categories are there for your vein doctor. But many of you are not aware of “what is a vein doctor called?” However, this is a very basic question which you need to go with if you are looking for a vein doctor.

As we all know, it is important to look after your varicose veins. As they play a very essential role in your body. So treating them is very important as they avoid the blood flow back to your heart. It is vital to treat them as soon as possible as they need to be treated and diagnosed at the right time otherwise this may lead to a serious health problem.

Read the entire article to know more about the vein specialist and what are the advantages of each of them.

What kind of doctor specializes in veins?

A vein expert is a doctor that specifically specializes in curing your veins and the situation such as DVT, venous insufficiency, etc. Generally, the vein doctor is the one who has finished the formal training in the methods which are used in dealing with both varicose and spider veins. Further, they have also done fellowship training from a reputed institute.

Skilled vein experts will hold a training background in interventional cardiology, vascular surgery, or interventional radiology. A credit of ability is gained with board certification in any of the above-mentioned specialties that are easily available to wise patients.

Further, the vein specialists are also classified into three different types of doctors and they are –

Let’s understand them one by one.

Vascular surgeons

The vascular surgeon is the expert who is normally prepared to cure the ailments of your vascular system. The blood vessels or arteries that carry oxygen-rich blood and the veins which carry blood back to the heart. These are the roadways to your circulatory system. Your body will not function properly without the easy flow of blood. The situation might lead to the hardening of the arteries and may create traffic in your circulatory systems. And this also leads to blocking the blood flow to any part of your body.

Vascular surgeons must need to finish the 5 years in general training followed by 2 years of subspecialty training for medicine of vascular. Given below are some advantages-

  • Provide medical care for both pre and post methods
  • Board-certified specialist with the achievement of intense training and fellowship programs.
  • Specialize in managing both complex and simple vein diseases.

Vein specialists

It is a vascular surgeon who determines, treats, and handles the situation of your veins and arteries, known as blood vessels. The vein specialists help in curing multiple health issues like varicose and spider veins to life-dangerous aneurysms, and this might support the patients to deal with the critical situations in their lives.  The advantages of Vein Specialists are-

  • They are ABMS board-certified persons either in invasive cardiology, vascular surgery, or interventional radiology.
  • Intermediate experts maintain a special skill for their minimally-invasive methods.


A phlebologist is a medical specialist from years of medical school and postgraduate training. These are the ones who deal particularly with the examination and treatment of your vein disease and venous ailments. Phlebologists have multiple backgrounds that include cardiologists,  internal medicine, pain management, general surgery, and even vascular surgery. The advantage of  Phlebologist is-

  • Several physicians who have finished the formalized training programs in either interventional radiology, vascular operations, or intrusive cardiology.


From the above article, it is clear about the vein doctors and their categorization. So, now it is in your hands to select the best among them. Further, if you still have any queries, then do visit our website or contact us today!