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5 Signs That You Need A Vein Specialist:

December 14, 20210

Are you suffering from severe vein issues, but still unaware of how serious are your vein disorders? Consult a vein specialist to determine the actual position of vein problems. Most people may have confusion about what kind of doctor specializes in veins. A Phlebologist is a trained doctor who has specialized knowledge in handling various issues of veins. He or She is a board-certified physician who specializes in minimally invasive vein treatment.

What is a vein specialist called?

In the case of severe vein problems, a vascular surgeon will diagnose and treat various types of venous disorders and diseases.

Veins play a vital role in the circulatory system. They transfer the blood from the lower part of the body to the heart. Want to avoid serious vein issues! In order to do so, you will have to know when it is the correct time to see a vein specialist.

Signs that alerts you to visit a vein specialist:


  1. You will weakness in your legs at the end of the day:

Initially, you may think it is normal that your legs are tired and weakened after standing for a while. But if this situation persists. The level of leg pain is rising day by day, maybe it is an alert that you are having vein issues. Moreover, if varicose veins are making your legs weak day by day which becomes worse after standing for a few hours, it is high time to visit a vein specialist.

  1. Dry, itchy skin or rashes near your ankle:

Suffering from skin issues like dryness/itchiness or a rash may be a sign that you are suffering from venous disorders. Such signs on the skin may indicate that you are suffering from high blood pressure levels in your problematic veins and blood is not flowing back towards the heart. This clearly indicates that you may experience severe complications like leg ulcers if you left the skin conditions untreated for a long duration.  Once you have leg ulcers, you may have to deal with severe pain that needs the attention of a vein specialist.

  1. Severe leg pain:

You will have to understand what type of pain may relate to varicose veins. If you are suffering from varicose veins, you will feel aching and throbbing in your legs. Moreover, when you perform daily activities with varicose veins, the intensity of pain will go high.

In order to understand whether the leg pain is really related to varicose veins or not, you will have to schedule an appointment with a vein specialist.

  1. Pregnancy may cause vein problems:

Suffering from hormones imbalance! It may be one of the serious causes of varicose veins. During pregnancy, the hormones go through major changes. Also, during pregnancy, the amount of blood increases in a woman’s body as she is carrying a baby in her womb. This can result in enlarged varicose veins. Therefore you are having vein issues during the first pregnancy, maybe you will suffer during your second one. Want to keep away the vein issues during pregnancy, visit a vein specialist to determine a treatment that treats your condition efficiently.

  1. Leg ulcers:

When your vein issues are left untreated for a long duration, you are likely to suffer from leg ulcers, especially around the calf and the ankle areas. Also, leg ulcers can end in diabetes, so visit a vein specialist so that he or she can diagnose your problem on time and recommend the necessary treatment fitting your situation.

Don’t make guesses rather than schedule an appointment to get control of vein issues.