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Are Braces Necessary For Overbites?

September 2, 20220

Overbite is entirely normal, is quite normal recently. Kids and adults may have a slight overbite, an oral issue in which upper teeth overjet your bottom teeth more than usual, requiring immediate attention & treatment.

When kids have overbites, their parents may become worried and want the most suitable treatment for them. It is so because if they leave it untreated may cause developmental issues in teeth that might damage the teeth. Schedule an appointment with your orthodontist to gather all the information about overbite before and after.

What Is exactly an Overbite?

When the upper jaw & teeth extensively overlap the bottom jaw and teeth, known as an overbite. Due to this condition, your lower teeth may get shadowed entirely by the upper teeth, or the lower teeth can be hidden.

How to evaluate your kids’ teeth for an overbite?

Being responsible parents, check your child’s teeth at five to determine if they have an overbite. When a child has an overbite, their upper and lower teeth won’t meet adequately. If the overbite keeps developing, it can lead to various issues like ear pain, headaches, facial pain, neck issues, sinus congestion, difficulty chewing, etc. It becomes vital to visit a kids’ orthodontist before they reach eight to prevent it from becoming more serious. Such conditions require overbite braces quickly.

Why is it necessary to get an overbite treatment at an early age?

It is vital to fix overbite issues in time for healthy teeth growth in your children. If you ignore the case for a long time, you can experience the following problems;

  • Speech impediments
  • Problems eating
  • Pain within the jaw and gums
  • Teeth grinding
  • Lowered self-esteem or confidence
  • Worn tooth enamel and increased risk of cavities and gum disease
  • Upper anterior teeth gradually break down anterior lower teeth
  • Lower teeth cutting into the upper gums or the roof of the mouth

Before issues become severe, visit a pediatric dentist Miami fl.

How Do Braces Work?

The most common treatments for overbite are traditional braces. Your dentist will attach the brackets to your teeth associated with metal wires. Your dentist will make the required adjustments in your teeth to shift your jaw & teeth according to your needs. According to reliable sources, this issue is majorly apparent at six, and dentists can treat them when their ages range from eight to fourteen. The patients must wear them for one to three years to get effective treatment results.

According to the orthodontist specialists in Florida, braces eventually correctly align your jaw and teeth, resulting in a consistent bite and a smile you can be proud of. There are three stages to getting braces:

Your teeth’s braces are put on by your dentist or orthodontist regularly, taking off braces and wearing a retainer.


In the initial few weeks, your child’s mouth may experience pressure and discomfort as a result of the braces’ introduction of a foreign object. That makes sense, and it will pass soon. It’s essential to properly clean your braces so they can do their job of helping the overbite of your child. You can demand overbite before and after braces images to know treatment success rates.