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Is Teeth Whitening Good For children?

October 13, 20220

Teeth whitening is popular everywhere to enhance the smile. But is it a good option for children to whiten their teeth? Nowadays, children see and notice everything, and sometimes can become concerned about their teeth’ color too, looking at their favorite actors.

Whitening teeth for children and teens is not a complete no. You can consult a conservative approach from your family cosmetic dentistry.

Because teeth whitening can also cause teeth to become sensitive to cold or hot. Before you allow your child to use tooth whitening toothpaste or visit for tooth whitening treatment for your child, ask the pediatric dentist.

Many Cosmetic Dentists in Houston Tx will stimulate you to wait until your child knows how to brush correctly.

Why Does Teeth Discoloration Cause in Children?

Why Does Teeth Discoloration Cause in Children? Teeth discoloration in children is expected because of:

  1. It can be because of an Injury to a tooth.
  2. Maybe intake of medications, such as antibiotics.
  3. Poor dental hygiene can also affect the discoloration of teeth.
  4. Eating food and beverages that can cause pigmentation.
  5. Intake of iron supplements.
  6. Tooth decay can also cause discoloration.
  7. If mommy took tetracycline while pregnant or during breastfeeding.

You must consider professional teeth whitening for extreme discoloration of teeth in children. Your dentist will tell you a safe treatment that will benefit them.

Is it safe to whiten children’s teeth?

Teeth whitening for kids is suitable, but baby teeth whitening is not. Do Not try whitening baby teeth. Instead, you can teach them good oral hygiene habits.

Teeth Whitening dentists suggest that children who still have baby teeth should not have teeth whitening.

Only Children who can whiten their teeth are:

A child whose all permanent teeth have erupted.

The enamel on the permanent teeth of the child has already stiffened completely.

All orthodontic methods have been achieved.

Maybe thinking of What is the recommended age for teeth whitening in children? Teeth whitening depends on the child’s teeth condition, but many dentists consider age 14 to start a whitening treatment for your child. Because permanent teeth naturally develop after 13 years. After this age of children, it is safer and more comfortable to whiten your child’s teeth.

How to control staining through retaining good oral hygiene

Make your child brush their teeth twice daily and ensure they brush properly. The most crucial time to brush your teeth is at night. Don’t skip this one! Avoid foods and liquors that unnecessarily stain teeth.

Cleaning between teeth once a day with floss or a Waterpik can help clean the teeth. You must visit your dentist twice yearly for regular dental cleanings to maintain good oral health.


Keep your child’s teeth healthy by making them brush properly. Your child’s health and safety are first. You can ask your dentist questions about your child’s dental health and teach them good oral habits to maintain good oral hygiene early.

Schedule a consultation with your Teeth Cleaning Houston dentists. You can also ask for any alternative option for teeth whitening.