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What Are Some Vital Facts To Know About Zoom Whitening?

November 10, 20220

Are you looking for some unique ways to get a beautiful smile? To achieve your goal, you should visit a nearby dental clinic to consider the best teeth whitening treatment. Your dentists will provide a precise diagnosis and treatment so you can smile confidently. So, get a dreamy smile with zoom teeth whitening in Dubai.

What is zoom teeth whitening?

Zoom teeth whitening can give you a dazzling smile in a few hours. This teeth whitening method includes strong hydrogen peroxide gel and UV light to eliminate stains & discoloration of the teeth. It is one of the most recommended modern treatment methods. Still, you may have your doubts about the zoom treatment. We are going to answer some common questions related to zoom teeth whitening. Get in-office teeth cleaning Dubai regularly.

What are some common faqs of zoom teeth whitening?

1.  Can zoom whitening damage teeth?

Zoom teeth whitening is a professional teeth whitening procedure dome in the dental office. It is an approved oral treatment for getting a dazzling & beautiful smile. Also, it is a secure method for teeth enamel.

2.  Can zoom whitening damage gums?

Zoom teeth whitening does not hurt your gums. Gingival inflammation and tooth sensitivity are the most common harmful effects of teeth whitening. Always consult your dentist Dubai before getting a DIY teeth whitening treatment, as you need to know if the concentration of hydrogen peroxide is appropriate or if you have taken more than required. It may result negatively. However, the DIY teeth whitening kits have manual instructions outside the back. Still, only a dentist can advise better.

3.  Can zoom whitening cause cancer?

No. Zoom teeth whitening has never been a cause of cancer. According to research, there are no chances of having oral cancer from teeth whitening agents containing hydrogen peroxide or carbamide. So, teeth whitening products are completely safe

4.  Is zoom whitening suitable on crowns?

No. Zoom whitening can not whiten veneers, implants, or crowns.

Why doesn’t Zoom work on cosmetic teeth? The science behind Zoom’s operation explains everything. A chemical reaction occurs when the hydrogen peroxide used in Zoom whitening touches your teeth. The stain is “bleached” away by the peroxide because it disintegrates the bonds holding stains to your enamel.

But porcelain, not enamel, is used to make crowns. The porcelain is chosen to match the color of your teeth and won’t whiten under any circumstances. Despite this, porcelain is a nonporous substance, so it doesn’t absorb or attract stains the way a genuine tooth does. A crown should never be whitened or become discolored.

5.  How frequently may zoom whitening be performed?

Using Zoom whitening treatments more than once per year is not advised. However, you can get touch-up Zoom treatments every six months, depending on your dental condition.

6.  Do Cavities Work for Zoom Whitening?

Let’s chat if you’re concerned about cavities! Always put your dental health above aesthetics. Treatments for teeth whitening do not work effectively with cavities, fissures, or tooth decay.

Dentists can occasionally repair small cracks or cavities after whitening, especially on front teeth, to match the whiter smile.

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