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What is a Root Canal Treatment?

August 1, 20220

Root canal or endodontic treatment is essential when the center part of the tooth, called the pulp, housing the blood vessels or nerves and living connective tissues become infected or decayed.

This root canal Houston tx procedure is accomplished by a root canal specialist or an endodontist. Infections or any damage happens to the tooth because of some most common causes like cavities due to plaque accumulation, cracked or broken tooth, or any trauma or accident.

So Root canal in Houston helps from the spreading of the bacteria inside your tooth and further causing any other infection.

During the procedure, the person will experience deadly pain. The pain will automatically fade away if the pulp in your tooth dies, but in some cases, the pain comes back as the infection spreads again.

Make sure to visit your doctor or an emergency dentists near me as soon as you experience a toothache or gum pain.

How to Perform Root canal procedure in Houston?

  1. Root canal treatment in Houston may occur in one sitting or, at times, 2 or 3 sessions. It all depends on the infection in the tooth. Each sitting in this procedure takes almost 30 to 90 minutes. Sometimes it is difficult to sit for so long, and it’s just a little or no discomfort. Usually, dentists administer local anesthesia to the tooth during the treatment.
  2. The endodontist drills an opening through the crown or the biting surface of the tooth to access the pulp chamber as soon as the tooth and little part around the tooth become benumbed. The endodontist drills an opening behind the tooth if it is a front tooth.
  3. Once the surgeons numb the tooth and the nearby area, they drill an opening through the crown or the biting surface to access the pulp chamber to clean the tooth. Using the particular files, the endodontist cleanses the infected and diseased pulp from the canals.
  4. Surgeons use disinfectants and canals and remove the dead tissues from them. After the treatment, they give a shape using a canaling root filling known as gutta-percha and sealed.
  5. While shaping the tooth, washing and cleaning the canals properly, and removing the debris before inserting the fillings into the tooth and sealing the tooth. Cover material is placed above the gutta-percha, which acts like a seal to keep the tooth safe.
  6. Until the dentists fit a crown or a cap to the normal tooth, they keep the covering material in the tooth.
  7. Lastly, they cement the crown on the tooth, which makes the tooth strong and does not displace from its place.

Root canal cost in Houston

The average cost of a root canal in Houston is around $1,000. Expect a front tooth root canal to cost less than a posterior tooth root canal, depending on the condition of your tooth. When searching for the cost of a root canal treatment, the cost will depend on the number of roots in the tooth.

Root canaling treatments are a permanent result, but if not, try contacting a dentist near me.