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What is the treatment for spider veins?

August 12, 20220

Several risks can cause spider veins. These include Heredity, Your workplace that involves a lot of sitting or standing if you are pregnant due to hormonal changes, you can suffer spider veins. Sometimes it can be due to increased pressure in the abdomen or a history of blood clots.

Usually, spider veins can occur due to weakness in the veins.

Spider veins are red, purple, or blue, and they seem to be in the form of branches, webs, or thin lines. Generally, spider veins are not that painful or dangerous, but you should treat them.

A range of treatment alternatives can remove spider veins or diminish their appearance.

Treatment for spider veins:

Treating varicose veins has many safe, painless, and effective ways to reduce spider veins. The most common vein treatment involves injecting a solution into each impacted spider vein, and this causes veins to fade away.

Laser treatment is also an option to treat spider veins, and it is a fast, practical technique that uses a focused ray of light to heat and destroy the affected veins.

After the laser treatment, the laser targets the pigment in the blood and warms the vessels without harming the skin tissue. After the treatment, usually, in four to six weeks, the spider veins disappear from the body.

Causes of spider veins

Several factors may contribute to the growth of spider veins in the legs, including:

  1. Due to Heredity.
  2. Sometimes it may be due to Hormonal shifts.
  3. Employment or activities that require prolonged sitting or standing
  4. Pregnancy
  5. Changes in weight

How Many Laser Vein Treatments Are Required?

Laser treatments depend on the size and number of the veins. Usually, it requires more than one session to achieve the result.

You will need to take several treatments 4 to 6 weeks apart.

Does Insurance cover Spider Vein Treatments?

Insurance for spider vein treatment is slightly more complicated as it is considered a cosmetic issue. The insurance coverage for the spider vein is called telangiectasia.

So, for this reason, it is not covered by insurance. Sometimes, Spider veins develop due to an underlying condition, such as venous deficiency. Most of the insurance providers will cover the cost of your procedure, as it will likely require for your health. It is compulsory to undergo a vein examination to review whether medical treatment is necessary if you notice any such growth of the spider vein and ensure no further risk to your health.


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The doctors will treat your vein, and there are now many methods to treat vein diseases. Treating varicose veins will let you live a more active life, create a good appearance, and get better sleep.