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What More Do You Need To Know About Cracked Teeth?

January 10, 20220

Are you someone suffering from a cracked tooth disorder? We know how difficult it is to face gatherings and events hiding your cracked or crooked teeth. Dentist 77079 suggested different kinds of treatment for people with cracked and fractured teeth.

If you are one of these people who aren’t able to understand cracked teeth treatments, then make sure to read this article till the end as we have mentioned several productive pieces of information that will help you in understanding Cracked Tooth Treatment much more.

What is a cracked tooth?

A cracked tooth is also known as cracked tooth syndrome (CTS) and is often called a fractured tooth. It happens when your tooth gets cracked due to some kind of injury. A cracked tooth is common between children and adults, many that require Tooth Fracture Treatment.

What parts of a tooth can affect and get broken?

We have found from the spring branch dentist that our tooth consists of two parts including these mentioned below:

  1. Tooth crown
  2. Roots of crown below your gums

The roots and crown are made of enamel that is the outer surface area of teeth, dentin which is the mid-layer of your teeth, pulp which is formed by several nerves and blood vessels. A cracked tooth can affect any of these parts that require immediate half broken teeth treatment by your dentist. Once your dentist examines the severity of broken teeth, your treatment procedure will be customized according to that.

What causes a cracked tooth?

Here are some causes of broken teeth mentioned below make sure to read them carefully for prevention:

  1. Aging above 50 years can cause cracks in the tooth
  2. Chewing hard food such as candies
  3. Constant consumption of chewing gums
  4. Bruxism disease

What are the symptoms of broken tooth syndrome?

A broken tooth doesn’t cause any severe symptoms but if it does then if the damage is severe. We have some symptoms of severe broken tooth syndrome including:

  1. Pain while chewing
  2. Sensitivity to temperature changes or eating cold and hot food
  3. Swelling near the tooth
  4. Difficulty in opening mouth

What are the different types of tooth fractures?

We have asked the nearest dental clinic about what are the different types of fractured are there and here below the dentist have mentioned types of tooth fractured that you may witness:

  1. Cracked tooth
  2. Hairline fracture
  3. Fractured Cusp
  4. Split tooth

What are the treatments available for cracked teeth?

As we have asked several best dentists about cracked teeth and they all have suggested that Broken teeth treatment will be dependent on the size of damage your tooth has. We have mentioned several treatments below for cracked teeth that will help you understand this much more:

  1. Cosmetic bonding
  2. Cosmetic contouring
  3. Dental crown
  4. Cracked Tooth Extraction
  5. Root canal treatment
  6. Dental veneers


We hope you liked this article and now you have good knowledge about cracked tooth treatment and its symptoms. If you are someone suffering from fractured teeth, you must visit an emergency dentist near me by visiting our website and getting your cracked tooth repaired.