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What To Expect At The First Dental Braces Appointment?

October 18, 20220

They will briefly tour our facility and introduce you to Miami orthodontic specialists during your complimentary appointment. They will examine you and give you no-charge pictures and dental x-rays. Then, they will develop an individualized treatment plan to consider your unique needs. Orthodontics Aventura specialist invites you to learn about insurance and funding choices and to ask any doubts you may have about your treatment plan.

Paperwork And Exams

Best orthodontist Miami will ask a staff member to fill out paperwork about your medical history. It will also tell us when they last performed the x-rays when you last visited a specialist, and any past complications you may have had. One of the orthodontic experts will evaluate your needs during your examination using cutting-edge 3-D scans, x-rays, and visual inspection.

Discovery And Treatment Plan

They use this data to inform their planning for your stunning smile. Your dentist then decides on possible treatment options to give you a new grin. During the appointment, your dentist will show you the braces color wheel from which you can choose the color you want. Based on your budget, expected outcomes, and length of treatment, they can determine which plan is best for you.

What Happens On The Placement Day?

During brace implantation, there won’t be any discomfort at all. Even while it may take a little longer to prepare meals in the first few hours after placing comfort dental braces, this is because it takes some time to become used to wearing braces and to learning how to eat with them. There may be times when the teeth seem more sensitive than usual.

According to a Miami orthodontics expert, you should avoid hard, challenging meals for the first few days after the installation of braces in favor of a softer, more liquid-based diet. The teeth are starting to move, so you can begin to feel some discomfort as the day wears on.

What Happens After The Placement?

After five to seven days, any initial brace-related discomfort should fade or greatly diminish. Because the teeth will progressively acclimate to the braces, eating should be much easier. Although some problematic meals may still be complex for the wearer, you can now resume regular eating.

How To Deal With Pain And Discomfort?

It is possible to control all orthodontic discomfort successfully. Following the structure of braces and visits for orthodontic adjustments, soreness and pain can be relieved with over-the-counter painkillers and orthodontic relief wax/silicone. Take the painkiller before the soreness appears, and take it every few hours.

Thorough saltwater rinses and chewing sugar-free gum are additional helpful and efficient treatments. These actions enhance blood flow to the supporting tissues surrounding the teeth, reducing orthodontic pain and discomfort and encouraging faster tooth movement and alignment.


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