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How Do Braces Straighten Your Teeth?

September 29, 20220

Comfort dental braces move your teeth by consistent pressure applied over a lengthy period. As this pressure increases, your jaw progressively changes to accommodate it. Because we frequently believe that our teeth are intimately attached to our jawbone, it can be challenging to comprehend how they can shift. However, a membrane connects your teeth to your jaw beneath your gums, enclosed by your bones. According to Miami orthodontic specialists, this membrane regulates the alignment of your teeth, and reacts to the pressure that braces apply to them.

It doesn’t hurt to get braces treatment during the appointment, which takes one to two hours. During the dental appointment, dentists will show you the braces color wheel from which you select the color of your braces. As you acclimate, you could feel sore and uncomfortable the initial week you wear braces and have some soreness for a few days after your orthodontist’s adjustment to your braces.

How well do dental braces work for adults compared to children?

According to the best orthodontist Miami, You might be surprised that you can obtain braces at any age. However, there are specific unique, and distinct benefits to beginning the course of treatment earlier in life. As you reach adulthood, your jawline and supporting tissue are still evolving. At this time, your jawline may be more flexible, and your teeth may be more receptive to movement.

Treatment length may decrease if your teeth respond to braces more quickly. After your jaw and teeth have stopped developing, some adjustments cannot be performed with braces. The procedure for kids getting braces is frequently the same as for adults. According to orthodontics Aventura, when you want braces as an adult, there are other factors to think about than the duration or length of therapy.

You should discuss the potential effects or side effects of braces on your pregnancy with the OB-GYN if you are pregnant or trying to conceive. If you have any underlying medical conditions that you think might be impacted. In that situation, you may also want to discuss these with your primary care physician.

Is it hard to clean the teeth with dental braces?

Using extra caution when paying attention to your mouth when you have braces on is essential. You can stop the food particles from trapping in between your braces and teeth by brushing your teeth after meals. Using special floss provided by the Miami orthodontist, you can floss twice daily around the braces.

You can invest your money in a Waterpik flosser that will help you clean areas that is hard to access and can be quickly wrapped around your braces. A specialized instrument called an interdental toothbrush can be used to clean under and around archwires and brackets. Even though you wear braces, you should still schedule a cleaning appointment with your dentist every six to twelve months.


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