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What is Restorative Dentistry?

October 3, 20220

Restorative dentistry guides any dental procedure that replaces your tooth function and aesthetic look. Treatments like tooth filling, RCT, and dental implants are mainly in restorative dentistry. There are two objectives of your restorative dentistry; first, to restore the function of your teeth, and the other is to restore the aesthetic look of your teeth.

Restorative Dentistry Procedures

Here is some dental procedure that falls under the restorative dental category.

Cavity filling is one of the most common restorative dental procedures because cavity or decay is the first step of dental infection or disease. When bacteria in your mouth makes a cavity on your teeth enamel, your dentist will recommend a dental filling procedure to save your teeth’s core from bacteria. In this procedure, Dental Office Houston will remove the infected part and fill the cavity with White composite material blended with your natural teeth.

Root canal

Your dentist will recommend RCT when a cavity on your teeth goes enough and exposes the soft pulp inside your tooth. Sometimes, it is needed after an injury to your teeth. In this treatment, your dentist will remove the infected part of your teeth, blood vessels, and soft tissue by making a hole. Then they will dry and clean your teeth and fill your teeth with the composite filling material and then sealant to cover your teeth filling. Once your teeth are filled, your dentist will recommend a crown to increase the durability of your teeth filling. If you haven’t checked your mouth yet, visit Restorative Dentistry Near Me to ensure your teeth are infection and cavity-free.


If you have chipped, fractured, or crooked teeth, then a dental crown is for you because it fulfills both the aesthetic and functional requirements of your teeth. Mostly your dentist will recommend your dental crown after RCT to increase the longevity and durability of the treatment. For this, Restorative Dentistry Houston will shave your teeth and then places them over the teeth.

Dental implant

If missing teeth or extracted due to infection or a gap, your dentist will recommend dental implant treatment. In which the root is made of titanium, a biocompatible metal that makes bonds with your jaw bone and forms a solid hold. In this, Cosmetic Dentistry Houston Tx will place a root with minor surgery and attach a crown over it. Moreover, the implants look and function like original teeth. If you have a missing or extraction, you should visit your dentist for dental implant restorative treatment.


Dental is the best alternative if you don’t have healthy teeth in your mouth to function correctly. Typically dentures consist of an entire arch of teeth. And implant-supported dentures are also known as snap-on dentures.


If you suffer from dental diseases or missing, crooked, and chipped teeth, restorative dentistry will help you improve your appearance and functionality like your original teeth. Therefore visit Best Cosmetic Dentist Houston for the betterment of your smile.