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How Painful is a Breast Lift?

January 17, 20220

Do you also want to have a breast lift procedure but the question which makes you wonder is that – Does the breast lift process hurt you? Then the answer is Yes! Having a determination to undergo breast lift surgery is quite risky.  The biggest concern of women patients is the pain which is caused by this surgery. Further with this, womens should have plenty of questions related to this surgery. So, here is what you are all supposed to know, read the article for this!

What Is A Breast Lift?

It is a surgical cosmetic process that includes raising the position of the breast on the chest without adding or extracting the volume of the breast itself. Not similar to another process, a breast lift does not increase or decrease your breast size. But it simply makes a more praising shape and looks that complement the natural frame.  For example, one might visit our website to see the breast lift before and after pictures

What Does a Breast Reduction Procedure Comprise?

While having a breast reduction process, the specialist would cut the breast and extract the excess breast tissue, skin, and fat to eliminate the size of each breast to the expected size. After this, the doctor will start repositioning the areola and nipples and reshaping the breast.

There are two different methods for a breast reduction process –

  • A lollipop incisions
  • An anchor incisions

A lollipop cut (incisions) was made making a circular incision near the areola before curving down the breast crease.

An anchor cuts(incisions) includes creating circular cuts near your areola, bending down towards the breast size, and prolonged as per with the cases.

The doctor of breast reduction will select the perfect surgical method depending on your current size and expected size. They also show you some pictures of breast reduction before and after to gain your confidence.

What Can I Expect During My Breast Lift?

The surgery of breast lift would be entirely customized to you, your body, and the expected results. As is said, you need to check some things while the procedure of breast lifts. The breast lift surgery will be performed by giving general anesthesia. When the patient goes asleep, the doctor will make an incision near the breast to increase the complete shape and position of the chest. After this, this will be closed and the healing process will start.

How Long Does Pain Last After Breast Lift?

Once your surgery is done, you will start feeling weak. The patients would feel sore for 2-3 weeks. They would also feel the stretching and pulling in the breast area. However, the patient may require pain medication for a week or two, as you may expect to feel better and stronger every day.

What Are The Recovery Tips for Breast Reduction?

Given below are some of the post-recovery tips to stay comfortable and relaxed-

  • Stay hydrated
  • Rest when you feel tired
  • Uphold your breasts with a surgical bra or bandage
  • If your stomach is upset, eat bland foods
  • Evade lifting or straining for  2- 3 weeks

The Takeaways

Hopefully! The above article has solved all your questions regarding breast lift surgery. Furthermore, still want to ask more questions than to contact our surgeon. Moreover, visit our website for the pictures of Breast Augmentation Before And After if you want to or your family or friends need breast augmentation.